Boulder County Fire Ban Rescinded

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

MEDIA RELEASE   December 18, 2012


TO:                 Boulder County Area Media
FROM:            Cmdr. Rick Brough (303) 441-3631

Rescinding Boulder County Fire Ban
Tomorrow, December 19, 2012, Sheriff Joe Pelle will rescind the current Fire Ban. The recent precipitation has reduced the fire danger threat by increasing the amount of moisture in the grasses and the other fuels.
Although this current moisture will make a difference lowering our wild fire severity and potential, our local grasses and light flashy fuels will dry out relatively quickly and pose the greatest threat to rapid fire spread. Caution is advised as folks resume using open flame fire for recreational purposes, agricultural maintenance and forest management. Please refrain from burning during windy conditions and have a readily available water supply.
On July 1, 2012, the Boulder County Commissioners passed Boulder County Ordinance 2012-02, developing a permitting system that will encompass public health, local fire protection districts, and Boulder County requirements in a “one stop” online application process.  In addition, permits may be obtained by mail or picked up in person at many of the County’s public buildings.  The Sheriff’s Office wants to remind citizens that prior to burning (broadcast burns or slash piles) they must obtain a permit.  Agricultural burns and campfires are excluded from the permitting process.
To see current fire and shooting restrictions for United States Forest Service properties go to the following website and click on “Alert and Warnings”.
This media release may be found on the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office web-site at:

Commander Heidi Prentup
Boulder County Sheriff’s Office

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