Caribou Ranch Spring Closure April 1 - June 30

Boulder County, Colo. – The annual spring closure of Caribou Ranch Open Space will begin April 1 and last through June 30.

The closure is to protect spring migratory birds and elk activities on the property, as the Boulder County Parks and Open Space Department seeks to find a balance between providing recreational activities and protecting wildlife habitats and natural resources.

Migrating from lower elevations, the local elk herd arrives every spring. Females calve on the property and remain until June or July, when they move to higher elevations.

The closure covers the entire property; no visitors are permitted. Please respect wildlife needs for solitude. The resident caretaker, park rangers and Boulder County Sheriff’s deputies who patrol the open space property can fine violators up to $300.

For additional information about the annual spring closure, please call 303-678-6200.

Vivienne Jannatpour
Communications Specialist
Boulder County Parks and Open Space

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