Sheriff Pelle Enacts Fire Ban

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Boulder County, Colo. - June 12, 2013 at 12 p.m., Sheriff Joe Pelle enacted a fire ban for the central mountain corridor of Boulder County. The central mountain corridor includes all unincorporated areas between Highway 93, Broadway Avenue, and Highway 36 (North and South Foothills Highways and Broadway Avenue in the City of Boulder) and Highways 119, 72 (Coal Creek Canyon Drive and Peak to Peak Highway), 7 (South Saint Vrain) including Rabbit Mountain Open Space and west of Rabbit Mountain Open Space to Highway 36. (See attached map)

State statutes authorize counties to impose a fire ban “to a degree and in a manner that the Board of County Commissioners deems necessary to reduce the danger of wildfires within those portions of the unincorporated areas of the county where the danger of forest or grass fires is found to be high based on competent evidence.”

This fire ban allows for:

  • Indoor fires in fireplaces or stoves
  • Smoking indoors or within an enclosed vehicle
  • Campfires in improved and maintained public campgrounds that are currently open to the public, as long as the fuel for such fires are smaller than two feet in diameter by three feet in height.
  • Liquid or gas fuel stove use on private and public lands
  • Charcoal grill use on private and public land
  • Smoking outdoors in areas free of flammable material

It bans all other outdoor burning, slash fires, use of any kind of fireworks, model rockets, and all other outdoor spark or flame producing activities.

The fire ban does not affect open fires within incorporated cities and towns; however citizens must comply with applicable ordinances and regulations in their respective cities and towns.

The fire ban will be in effect until the Sheriff finds that the hazardous conditions have subsided.

Anyone found in violation of the fire ban may be convicted of a class 2 petty offense and may be subject to a $500 fine, in addition to any possible civil penalties.  Higher fines may be imposed for subsequent offenses.

For current fire and shooting restrictions for United States Forest Service properties go to the following website:

For current fire restrictions in Eldorado Canyon State Park go to the following website:

Updates and more information can be found at:

Reference: Boulder County Fire Ban Flyer 



Commander Heidi Prentup
Boulder County Sheriff’s Office

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