Subdivision Paving Public Hearing extended to Thursday, Nov. 21

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

A decision on the LID was tabled until Nov. 21 at 1 p.m., at the Public Hearing held on Nov. 18
Update: Thursday, Nov. 21, 1 p.m. PRESENTER: Transportation Department
Public Meeting: Consideration of final apportionment of the cost of improvements in the Subdivision Paving Local Improvement District (Resolution 2013-106). No additional public testimony will be taken.
Boulder County, Colo. – Since 2009, the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) has been committed to working with unincorporated subdivision residents to develop a solution for funding the needed reconstruction of 150 miles of paved roads in 118 unincorporated subdivisions.

After more than four years of public engagement and, more recently the help of a citizen’s working group that met from April through July of this year to weigh in on potential funding mechanisms, Boulder County simultaneously pursued two options this fall in order to ensure that reconstruction work on unincorporated subdivision roads will begin in 2014. 

The first option was a county ballot issue (5C) for a Public Improvement District (PID) that was based on a percentage tax on assessed property values that would permanently address the issue of rehabilitating subdivision roads. That measure failed to pass in the Nov. 5 mail ballot election. 

The second option, to be pursued only if the first option was not successful at the ballot, is to form a Local Improvement District (LID) to pay for the repair of all subdivision roads on a one-time basis over a15-year project duration. Under state statute, the BOCC is authorized to create an LID for a specified purpose within a defined district where all revenues generated by the district are used solely for the stated purpose.

“All along we have been committed to providing a choice for residents to choose from in finding the most effective way to solve the problem of deteriorating subdivision roads,” said County Commissioner Cindy Domenico. “While we had preferred the PID as the more affordable and fastest way to reconstruct subdivision roads, we remain dedicated to addressing the problem in a way that finally fixes the roads and keeps them in good repair.”

In order to meet statutory deadlines to begin road improvements in 2014, the County Commissioners approved the formation of an LID on Sept. 10, and will hold a public hearing on Nov. 18 to take testimony on the final assessments to pay for the improvements for the Subdivision Paving Local Improvement District.

“We’ve been very clear for over a year now that we’ve wanted residents to have an opportunity to vote on whether to form a public improvement district or leave it in our hands to form a local improvement district to repair subdivision roads,” said County Commissioner Deb Gardner. “We’ve been prepared to implement either option, and now we have the direction to pursue an LID to address the problem of aging subdivision roads.”

The Board has determined that the cost of the improvements under the LID to be assessed against property in the District shall be based on two factors, both of which reflect the benefits which accrue to the properties: 1) 25% of the assessment is based on a property’s value and 2) 75% of the assessment is based on average length of road/property in the subdivision where the property is located. Certain properties such as out lots and severed mineral interests may not be assessed until such time as they are developed. 

To find out how much a property will be assessed using this formula, property owners should go to: and click on “Cost Calculator,” or call 720-564-2644. The average cost per year, per property over 15 years is estimated to be $358. 

What: Public Hearing to consider final apportionment of the cost of improvements in the Subdivision Paving Local Improvement District
When: Monday, Nov. 18, at 4 p.m.
Where: Commissioners’ Hearing Room, Boulder County Courthouse, third floor, 1325 Pearl St., Boulder (map)

The hearing will be streamed live at Public testimony concerning the proposed LID assessments will be taken at the hearing (each speaker is allowed 3 minutes). Written comments can be emailed to or submitted in hard copy at the hearing.

“After four years of extensive public discussion, feedback and input on this issue, we believe it’s time to move forward with a solution to finally get subdivision roads back in good condition,” said County Commissioner Elise Jones.

Barbara Halpin
Boulder County Public Information Officer

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