Residents Encouraged to Utilize Flood Debris Reporting Form

Friday, November 08, 2013

Boulder County, Colo. – Unincorporated Boulder County residents are asked to report roadside flood debris piles ready for collection, as well as debris piles that they are unable to move to a roadway due to size, magnitude or location, by completing the Flood Debris Reporting Form online.

When filling out the form, please be very specific about debris pile locations. If possible, give a specific address, tax ID number for the property, cross roads, creek names or any other identifying information. The form also accepts photo attachments and it is encouraged to submit photos of the debris and surrounding area. Any details available about the type of debris (woody, household, silt etc.) in the piles are also extremely useful and should be added to the comments section. 

Roadside pickup of flood debris in the mountain communities has commenced and debris should be moved to the roadside as soon as possible. Residents are asked to follow the guidelines listed below in order to help this project progress as efficiently as possible in the limited time we have before major snow falls limit our access even further. 

    • Debris piles should be 3ft from the side of the roadway to allow for any snow removal operations 
    • Debris haulers can only reach 8ft from the edge of the road lane; for that reason, debris should be as close to the 3ft boundary as possible
    • Do not block the roadway, waterways or any culverts with debris 
    • Debris removal vehicles will only be able to access existing, county maintained, accessible roads at this time; unmaintained Jeep roads will not be serviced 

Separate Debris into Four Piles
    1. General household debris 
    2. Electronics and appliances 
    3. Woody debris (vegetation) 
    4. Mud, silt, sand and rock 
Many Frequently Asked Questions concerning debris removal have been posted at on the FAQ page. For any additional questions about debris pickup in the mountain communities, please contact Resource Conservation at 720-564-2222 or

Gabi Boerkircher
Public Information Specialist

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