Emergency Quarantine Issued to Protect Colorado Ash Trees in Boulder County, parts of Larimer, Jefferson, Weld Counties

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Boulder County, Colo. – The Colorado Department of Agriculture has established an emergency quarantine in and around Boulder County including parts of southern Larimer, western Weld and northern Jefferson Counties (see quarantine map) related to the recent discovery of the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). The quarantine is effective immediately. Boulder County is working with the Colorado Department of Agriculture, the City of Boulder, and other affected entities to address the quarantine and plan for the potential impacts of the EAB in Boulder County. 
“We have cooperated with the state on the implementation of the temporary quarantine and will continue to work to understand the potential impacts of the EAB in Boulder County,” said Boulder County Commissioner Elise Jones. “Boulder County, in conjunction with the state and affected local partners, has begun to develop a response plan that will outline potential actions on county owned lands and provide guidance for private residents.”
The emergency quarantine prohibits the sale and/or movement of all plants and plant parts of the genus Fraxinus, including but not limited to:
  • Logs and green lumber
  • Nursery stock, scion wood, and bud wood
  • Chips and mulch, either composted or uncomposted
  • Stumps, roots and branches
  • Firewood of any non-coniferous (hardwood) species
Quarantined items may be transported within the quarantined area but may not be moved outside its borders without specific authorization from the Commissioner of Agriculture or the United States Department of Agriculture. 
Quarantined items can be transported within the quarantined area to:
  • Denver Regional Landfill, 1441 Weld County Road 6, Erie
  • Front Range Landfill, 1830 Weld County Road 5, Erie
  • Republic Landfill, 8900 Colorado Highway 93, Golden
Residents participating in Boulder County operated flood-debris removal programs, including curbside debris collection do not have to take any special steps to maintain compliance with the quarantine. Debris collected by Boulder County is being treated and transported according to the requirements of the quarantine. 
Any person violating this quarantine is subject to civil penalties up to $1000 per violation. The full text of the quarantine, including additional restrictions, can be found at www.EABcolorado.com
If you think you have EAB in your ash trees, or if you have any questions or concerns, or would like additional information, please contact the CSU Extension in Longmont at 303-678-6238, email EAB@BoulderCounty.org or visit www.bouldercounty.org/property/forest/Pages/eab.aspx

Gabi Boerkircher
Public Information Specialist

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