Teens and adults can apply for summer jobs with Boulder County Youth Corps

Monday, January 27, 2014

Boulder County, Colo. – Boulder County residents ages 14-17 can now apply for summer jobs with the Boulder County Youth Corps. Boulder County is also hiring adults to be team leaders. Boulder County is especially in need of female Corps members and leaders.

The deadline to submit youth applications is Friday, March 28. Other positions are open until filled.

The Youth Corps will hire 150 teenagers to work 30 hours per week, Monday through Thursday, from June 16 to August 6 on a variety of community service projects. Team leaders will be employed from June 4 to August 8 to work up to 40 hours per week, Monday through Friday. Projects will include such activities as forest thinning, historic preservation, construction and repair of fencing, trail construction and maintenance, landscaping and removal of Russian olive trees and noxious weeds. Youth Corps teams will work in unincorporated Boulder County as well as in cities and towns within Boulder County.

Applicants can apply online at www.bouldercounty.org/youthcorps. Applications can also be picked up at counseling offices in Boulder Valley and St. Vrain Valley schools; city and town personnel offices; most local recreation and youth centers and libraries; and the Boulder County Human Resources Department, 2025 14th St. (Boulder).  

This year, Corps members will earn a starting wage of $8.00/hour, with the possibility of earning a $100 bonus at the end of the program based on merit and strong attendance. Teens who have worked for the Corps in past years can earn up to $8.50/hour. In addition, Corps members are eligible for reimbursement for the purchase of work boots and gloves and RTD bus passes.  

Team leaders must be high school graduates at least 21 years old with two years of college coursework or more, and assistant team leaders must be high school graduates at least 18 years old, among other qualifications. A list of full qualifications is available online at www.bouldercounty.org/youthcorps.  Team leaders start at $13.50/hour and assistant team leaders at $11.50/hour. 

The Youth Corps offers one of the best first-job opportunities available in Boulder County.  Teams have completed projects such as resurfacing one-half mile of the Cradleboard Trail at Rock Creek Open Space, checking/replacing almost 4,000 light bulbs with LEDs and painting almost 200 residential light pedestals, and bike trail construction and maintenance at Valmont City Park.   

For more information, visit www.bouldercounty.org/youthcorps or call the Youth Corps office at 303-678-6104. 

Gabi Boerkircher
Public Information Specialist

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