New Bus-then-Bike Shelter Opening at Table Mesa Park-n-Ride March 14

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Boulder County, Colo. – Boulder County is proud to announce the opening of the third Bus-then-Bike shelter at the Table Mesa Park-n-Ride in South Boulder on Friday, March 14. The Table Mesa Bus-then-Bike shelter has capacity for 31 bicycles, which will add to the existing 36 bicycle lockers and 34 bicycle parking spaces at the Table Mesa Park-n-Ride. 

What: Table Mesa Bus-then-Bike Shelter Opening Events
Details: Staff will be at the shelter to answer questions and demonstrate how the shelter works. Free food and drink will be provided.
When: Monday, March 17 from 4-6 p.m. and Tuesday, March 18 from 7-9 a.m.
Where: The Table Mesa Bus-then-Bike shelter is located at the southeast corner of Table Mesa Dr. and U.S. 36, where Boulder-bound regional buses arrive from U.S. 36.  

Along with the two existing shelters at 8th & Coffman in Longmont, and 28th and Iris in North Boulder, the Table Mesa Bus-then-Bike shelter provides long-term, secure and weather-protected bicycle storage for commuters who combine a bus trip with a bike trip. 

Commuters using a bicycle for the “final mile” of their commute can feel confident leaving their bike in a shelter overnight, thus ending the need to load a bike on and off the bus each day. Commuters can also use a bicycle for the “first mile” of their commute, and leave their bicycle in the shelter during the day if they don’t need it at their final destination. These shelters increase access to transit and decrease time delays associated with loading and unloading bikes on buses. 

Bus-then-Bike shelters are free to use; to fill out an application and receive an access card to the shelters, or to view a site map of the shelter locations, please visit  

For more information about the Bus-then-Bike shelters, contact Alex Hyde-Wright, at or 303-441-4910.

Gabi Boerkircher
Public Information Specialist

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