Traveling/Cycling Restrictions Established in James Canyon

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Mayor Schoedinger asks for patience and cooperation to assist with recovery
Boulder County, Colo. – Due to continued recovery and repair operations associated with the September 2013 flood event, Boulder County is re-establishing restrictions on non-local traffic, including bicycles, in James Canyon from the junction with Left Hand Canyon, through Jamestown, to the junction with State Highway 72 (Peak to Peak). The restrictions will go into effect immediately. Lefthand Canyon will remain open to all roadway users.

While the county’s high-hazard area remediation work has moved out of the area and into Fourmile Mile Canyon, private recovery efforts remain extensive. There continues to be a high-volume of large trucks and heavy machinery moving in and around Jamestown, which is creating a hazardous environment for motorists and cyclists alike.

“Thanks to warmer weather, a lot of work has been completed in James Canyon and in Jamestown,” said Jamestown Mayor Tara Schoedinger. “Unfortunately, this work is really just the beginning of our community’s recovery and rebuilding efforts. The people who live here have seen a tremendous amount of support come in from all over the county, state and country, and we’ve all been amazed and are extremely grateful for the help. What we need now is to let residents and the people who have come to help rebuild have the room they need to do their job as quickly and safely as possible. With your help and patience, Jamestown will come back stronger than ever and once again be the beautiful mountain town that we all love to live in and visit.”

After the flood event, many sections of Lefthand Canyon and James Canyon Drive were completely destroyed and Boulder County worked quickly to replace the previous asphalt roadway by installing temporary dirt “winter roads.” In areas where “winter roads” were created, the unpaved roadway narrows significantly and safe, uphill shoulders for cyclists are no longer available. This forces cyclists into the main flow of traffic for extended lengths, creating hazardous riding and driving conditions for travelers in both directions.

County Transportation Director George Gerstle asks for everyone’s patience and understanding by avoiding travel in James Canyon, as well in the Fourmile Canyon and the Raymond/Riverside area unless you are a resident or have business in the area. “If you don’t live in these areas and aren’t helping rebuild these hard-hit communities, you’re probably obstructing recovery operations. We want to remind folks who want to travel the mountain canyons that Lefthand and Sunshine canyons are better options and are open all the way to the Peak to Peak Highway. These canyons are also are narrow and have been reconstructed out of dirt in many areas, so we are asking everyone to be patient and drive slowly, and remember we’re working to make the roads more safe for everyone.”

As was available before to area residents who routinely commute by bicycle, the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office is offering special permits that will allow those people to continue cycling. Please call 303-441-3650 to obtain a permit. Failure to comply with the cycling restriction may result in a court summons.

For more information, contact Andrew Barth, Transportation Department communications specialist, at or call 303-441-1032.

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