Boulder County Applauds Passage of Architectural Paint Stewardship Act

Friday, June 06, 2014

Boulder County, Colo. – On June 6, 2014, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed into law Senate Bill 14-029, The Architectural Paint Stewardship Act, creating the nation’s eighth program requiring paint manufacturers to safely manage leftover latex and oil-based paint from households and painting contractors.


“Boulder County appreciates the leadership shown by the Colorado General Assembly in adopting SB 029, and we thank Governor Hickenlooper for signing the bill into law,” said Hilary Collins, Boulder County Sustainability Policy Analyst. “The Architectural Paint Stewardship Act will bring significant benefits to Colorado communities in terms of public dollars saved, and will make paint recycling easier and more convenient for Boulder County residents and businesses.”


Over one million gallons of left-over latex and oil-based paint are generated in Colorado each year. In 2013, Boulder County’s Hazardous Materials Facility collected nearly 70,000 gallons of latex paint and 8,000 gallons of oil-based paint. Under SB 029, the county and its municipal partners – Boulder, Erie, Lafayette, Longmont, Louisville, Superior, and the City and County of Broomfield – will save approximately $130,000 per year while the collection and recycling of leftover paint is made easier for county residents and businesses. 


Boulder County staff played a leadership role – along with the Colorado Association for Recycling and the Colorado Product Stewardship Council – in developing the legislation and advocating for it during the 2014 state legislative session.


The paint stewardship program will be administered by PaintCare, a non-profit organization established by the ACA. Using funds generated by a small fee collected on the point-of-sale of new paint, PaintCare will expand the number of paint collection locations available in both urban and rural areas, and will also pay for the collection and recycling of paint so that residents and businesses, including painters and contractors, will be able return their unwanted paint for free.  


For more information, contact Hilary Collins at 303-817 0505 or Mark Ruzzin at 720-413-1145.

Barbara Halpin
Boulder County Public Information Officer

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