Watershed Restoration Grants awarded to projects in Boulder County

Friday, August 15, 2014

Boulder County, Colo. – The Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) has awarded $907,280 for 10 watershed restoration projects in Boulder County. The funds will be used to begin long-term creek recovery projects identified after the 2013 Flood. 

Pending receipt of matching funds, projects in Boulder County will include: 
  • James Creek- Stream restoration design and implementation on a 1.5 mile section of James Creek just below Jamestown, including integration with permanent road design. 
  • Fourmile Creek- Integration of the roadway reconstruction and bank stabilization on 900 foot stretch near Poorman Road. The project will include implementation of environmentally-aligned and sustainable restoration of adjacent reach of stream. 
  • Peschel Open Space- Restoration of St. Vrain Creek on City of Longmont and Boulder County owned Peschel Open Space. The objectives of the restoration include channel stabilization, riparian re-vegetation, aquatic and terrestrial habitat improvement, natural hazard reduction, flood mitigation, and low flow channel development. 
  • Hall Ranch- Design services for creek restoration on a 3.2-mile stretch of South St. Vrain Creek. The project would design for the protection of current infrastructure and private property while maintaining natural creek processes, improving habitat and protecting natural resources. The project could also include implementation of a stream restoration project upstream of the South Ledge Ditch.
  • McConnell Ponds- The project includes the restoration and mitigation of the McConnell Ponds area in Lyons.  The project proposes to improve river recreation and safety.
In addition to the projects listed above, five grants were awarded to other projects in Boulder County: two projects in the Boulder Creek watershed, two projects in the Left Hand Creek watershed, and one project in the St. Vrain watershed. 

“The watershed restoration grants will help us begin long-term creek restoration in a way that benefits the natural creek environment, while also protecting infrastructure,” said Sean Cronin, Executive Director of the St. Vrain and Left Hand Water Conservancy District. 

Post-flood master plans are being developed for many watersheds in Boulder County, including St. Vrain Creek, Left Hand Creek, and Boulder Creek. The master plans are being coordinated by coalitions of local, state, and federal organizations and agencies, and also include substantial public input. Many of the awarded projects were identified as part of the master planning process. The master plans will identify and prioritize additional restoration projects and will also identify potential funding sources.  

“There is a lot of work needed to restore the creeks and surrounding areas in our county. It will take multiple sources of funding to pay for the creek restoration work that is needed. The coalitions will continue to look for additional funding for these high priority projects,” said Ron Stewart, Director of the Boulder County Parks and Open Space department.

The grants were awarded through the Stream Restoration Grant Program established by Senate Bill 14-179. The CWCB will provide technical support for the projects. 

“We are excited to assist communities in their flood recovery efforts and we look forward to working with the awardees to design and implement these restoration projects,” said Chris Sturm, Stream Restoration Coordinator for the CWCB. 

For more information about the watershed restoration projects, contact Stacey Proctor at 303-441-1107 or sproctor@bouldercounty.org or visit www.BoulderCountyCreekPlan.org.

Gabi Boerkircher
Public Information Specialist

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