Assessor's Office

Valuing Property

    The Assessor’s Office establishes values every two years for more than 120,000 properties, worth nearly $50 billion in market value. The agency uses tools such as geographic information systems (GIS) and mass appraisal techniques to perform appraisal analysis.

    The Assessor discovers and lists information about properties and uses this information to determine property values.

  • Property Assessment Overview
  • How Property Taxes Are Calculated 

Property Information & Mapping

    New online Property Search tool:

  • Works on most mobile devices.
  • Can be used with more web browsers.
  • Makes looking up property information easier.
  • Provides access to more property information.
  • Makes appealing property values online easier.

Business Personal Property

Senior Tax Exemption

    The Colorado Constitution establishes a property tax exemption for qualifying senior citizens, surviving spouses of senior citizens who previously qualified, and for disabled veterans.

    Deadline: Applications must be filed no later than July 15 to have the exemption apply to your tax bill the following year.

  • Senior Tax Exemption Forms and Instructions

Recent Sales

  • Recent Sales Activity—lists of sales for specified time frames. These lists are not intended to be used for real property assessment appeals.

Ask a Question about Your Property

Information Collection

The Assessor’s Office gathers and maintains information on properties, including:

  • Ownership
  • Location
  • Use
  • Sales
  • Building measurements
  • Construction type
  • Construction costs
  • Rental income, if applicable

Sources for this information are:

  • Real property deeds and declarations
  • Subdivision maps
  • Building permits
  • Local building contractors
  • Property owners
  • Declarations filed by owners of taxable personal property
  • Onsite inspections by staff

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Jerry Roberts

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