Assessor’s Real Property Data

The Boulder County Assessor’s office is now making our public data available for download. Below are some things to be aware of when using this data:
  1. The data are broken out into 8 tables in csv format. (These can be opened in Microsoft Excel.)
  2. When joining csv tables together, please be aware of one-to-many relationships. For example, an account might have only one row in the Owner_Address table but 4 rows in the Buildings table (one for each of 4 buildings/uses).
  3. Not all accounts are represented in all tables. For example, a vacant land account will not have a row in the buildings table.
  4. The Values table is the only table that contains one row for every property account. If you are joining tables together, it is recommended that you join via outer joins to the Values table.

Each table and its fields are described in the Real Property Data Help manual.

Data sets are refreshed at 4am daily.

General Disclaimer:

The data which is provided here has been developed solely for internal use only by Boulder County, and the county makes no warranties, representations or guarantees, either expressed or implied, as to the completeness, accuracy or correctness of the data, nor accepts or assumes any liability arising from or for any incorrect, incomplete or misleading data provided. There are no warranties and/or representations, either expressed or implied, of merchantability or fitness of the data for a particular purpose or use.

Boulder County is not responsible for incidental, consequential, or special damages arising from the use of the data provided. The data shall be used and relied upon only at the risk of user.

The Datasets

Table File Size
Buildings CSV (51 MB)
Land CSV (13 MB)
Owners & Addresses CSV (46 MB)
Permits CSV (7 MB)
All Sales CSV (46 MB)
Tax Areas CSV (7 KB)
Tax Authorities CSV (7 KB)
Property Values CSV (11 MB)

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