Sorting Sales Data In Excel

Sorting Sales Data in Excel

  1. Chose a report for the property type and time frame of interest.
  2. Open the Excel file.
  3. To change the way the report is sorted, click in the upper left corner of the spreadsheet to select all records:

    Screenshot of a Spreadsheet

  4. Then select Data > Sort.

    Screenshot of a Spreadsheet

  5. You can sort by one, two, or three different fields.

Example 1: Find Only Properties in the Longmont Area:

  1. Sort by LOCCITY ascending
    Then by SALE_DATE ascending
    Then by ACCOUNTNO ascending
    Sort Window
    Sorting by LOCCITY will group all the Longmont properties together.
  2. Copy and paste the Longmont records to a new spreadsheet or delete the non-Longmont records.

Example 2: Find Only Sales of Double-wide Mobile Homes.

  1. Open up the residential file for the time frame of interest.
    Then by DESIGN
    Sort Window
  3. Scroll down to “Manufactured Housing Improvement” group of records in the BLDG_DESCRIPTION field.
  4. Find the records with “DOUBLE WIDE” in the DESIGN field.
  5. Select the group of records that meet your criteria.
  6. Copy and paste them into a new document or print the selected records.
  7. See the list of sales report codes and descriptions.