Multicultural Awards

Community Action Programs organized the first Multicultural Awards Banquet in 1989 to honor people of color who have made major contributions to the arts, business, community service, education, government, health, partners (people from the White/Anglo community who work with people of color to promote social justice around race issues), science, and youth throughout Boulder County. That event marked the first county-wide recognition of the accomplishments of people of color. The banquet sends a positive message to people by introducing them to ethnically diverse people who are making a difference in their community.

The banquet has attracted the sponsorship of Amgen, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation, Boulder Community Health, Chase, Corden Pharma Colorado, Inc., Daily Camera, Gay and Lesbian Fund for Colorado, Intrado, Micro Motion, Inc., Premier Members Credit Union (formerly Boulder Valley Credit Union), Seagate, Sun Microsystems, and influential businesses such as Lexmark and NOAA, as well as other organizations and individuals. Proceeds from the event have enabled Community Action Programs to award thousands of dollars in scholarship monies to college students with low-income residing in Boulder County. These scholarships are based on financial need, community involvement and academic performance. With the growing success of the banquet, the scholarship funds have grown from $1,500 up to $10,000.

2016 CADC Scholarship Application (Word Version)
2016 CADC Scholarship Application (PDF Version)

The Multicultural Awards Nomination Forms (90KB) is an application to nominate those in the community who have made significant contributions to the community in the areas of Arts, Business, Community Service, Education, Government, Partners, Science and Youth. (Word Version) (276KB)

Multicultural Awards Contribution Form (173KB) is for those who would like to make a contribution to the Multicultural Awards Banquet. Contributions go towards scholarships for low income students. Contribution recognition is described in the attached form. (Word Version) (261KB)


2015 Scholarship Winners
Danika Bueno Luz Chavez
Yolanda Hernandez Mary Kapsak
Dawa Lokyitsang Jose Ontiveros
Aldo Peter Rajesh Rajchal
Yadira Valadez

2015 Multicultural Award Winners
Juan Juarez - Arts Angelique Espinoza- Business
Tsunemi Rooney - Community Service Olga Cordero - Education
Maciel Leon - Government Maya Dansie - Health
Paula Palmer - Partners Rafael Salgado - Science
Xiuhtezcatl Martinez - Youth

Present Sponsors:

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