District Attorney Profile

James E. Garrigues

James E. Garrigues (DA 1889-1895)

JAMES E. GARRIGUES (1852 - 1946)

Eighth Judicial District, 1889 - 1895

Former school teacher and principal James E. Garrigues began his term as District Attorney in 1889. The Greeley resident also practiced law with Judge Elbert C. Smith, father of Marc E.H. Smith, who would become District Attorney in 1949.

Garrigues was elected to his second term in 1891. At the time, Morgan County was added to the Eighth Judicial District, and Logan and Washington counties were removed.

In 1903, Garrigues was appointed District Court Judge for the Eighth Judicial District. A few years later, during jury selection, he was quoted by a newspaper reporter as stating: “You must understand, sir, that all men are equal before the law regardless of race, creed, or business. All men - whether white, black, or red, rich or poor, merchant, banker, laborer, preacher, or saloon keeper - all are equal before the law.”

In 1910, Garrigues was elected to the Colorado Supreme Court where he served as its Chief Justice from 1919 to 1921. He is buried in Fairmount Cemetery in Denver.

Photo: Carnegie Branch Library for Local History, Boulder Historical Society Collection