District Attorney Profile

Adam C. Patton

Adam C. Patton (DA 1895-1901)

ADAM C. PATTON (1860 - 1911)

Eighth Judicial District, 1895 - 1901
People’s Party

In 1897, when Greeley resident Adam C. Patton ran for re-election as District Attorney, the Greeley Tribune stated, “No man can say that Mr. Patton has played poker one night and prosecuted offenders for gambling the next day.”

One of Patton’s first Boulder County cases was the J.J. Ritchey murder trial in which the defendant fatally shot B.E. Rhodes - underground and with no witnesses - in the Poorman gold mine.

After Patton completed his second three-year term, he set up his law practice in Boulder, specializing in irrigation and corporation law. Prominent in his field, he was chosen the first president of the Boulder County Bar Association which was founded in 1907, the same year that Boulder voters prohibited the sale of alcoholic beverages within the city limits.

Patton died of heart failure at the age of fifty-one and is buried in Boulder’s Green Mountain Cemetery. On the day of his funeral, his colleagues gathered in the district courtroom in the Boulder County Courthouse and walked together to the family’s home at 933 Mapleton Avenue. The writer of Patton’s obituary said he had “a genial presence and a ready wit.”

Seated in the center with a dark vest, Patton was photographed with the “Boulder County Lawyers Club.”

Photo: Carnegie Branch Library for Local History, Boulder Historical Society Collection