District Attorney Profile

Louis B. Reed

Louis B. Reed (DA 1921-1925)

LOUIS B. REED (1874 - 1952)

Eighth Judicial District, 1921 - 1925

After Louis B. Reed earned his law degree at the University of Wisconsin, he moved to Colorado where he practiced law, first in Eaton and then in Greeley.

Boulder’s longest unsolved murder occurred in 1923 during Reed’s term as District Attorney. At the height of the bootlegging era, Boulder Police Officer Elmer Cobb was killed in the line of duty by an unknown gunman, allegedly hired by none other than Boulder Police Chief Claude Head. Reed and his lead investigator questioned witnesses in rented rooms on separate floors of the Hotel Boulderado.

Reed told a newspaper reporter that Boulder was “a hell-hole of protected vice, graft, and crime,” and he stated that Cobb was killed because he knew too much. “There were men in Boulder who wanted to get him out of the way, and we believe they did,” he said––before dismissing the case for lack of evidence.

Reed continued his law practice in Greeley. In 1938, he retired to California and is buried, among notables and celebrities, in the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale.

Photo: Courtesy of the Reed family and believed to be Louis B. Reed.