District Attorney Profile

Ab H. Romans

Ab H. Romans (DA 1925-1933)

AB H. ROMANS (1875 - 1938)

Eighth Judicial District, 1925 - 1933

Ab H. Romans, a veteran of the Spanish-American War, received his law degree from the University of Colorado in 1903. He practiced in Denver for a year, then moved to Loveland where he set up a general law practice and became city attorney. He also was an attorney for various ditch companies and a member of the school board.

During the election of 1924, the editor of the Boulder News-Herald agreed that both Romans and his Democratic opponent held key district attorney qualifications - “integrity, ability, experience, and personality.” The Boulder newspaper, however, endorsed Romans’ rival, Greeley resident Worth Allen.

The News-Herald’s editor called Romans a man of “scrupulous honesty.” The editor stated that he was “not a member of the Ku Klux Klan” but gave his opinion that Romans lacked courtroom experience. Nevertheless, voters in Larimer, Weld, and Jackson counties - the remainder of the Eighth Judicial District - ensured his election.

From 1928 to 1938, Romans shared his law practice with Hatfield Chilson, who would become District Attorney in 1941.

Photo: City of Greeley Museums, Permanent Collection (Greeley Tribune)