District Attorney Profile

Olin H. Chilson

Olin H. Chilson (DA 1941-1949)


Eighth Judicial District, 1941 - 1949

In 1927, when Olin Hatfield “Chilly” Chilson graduated from the University of Colorado law school, his classmates selected him as Canebearer. He had also been a star quarterback and the captain of the university’s football, basketball, and baseball teams. 

From 1928 to 1938, Chilson practiced law in Loveland with former Eighth Judicial District Attorney Ab H. Romans. Chilson then continued his own practice and was active in civic affairs prior to serving as District Attorney.

After Chilson completed two four-year terms as District Attorney, his successor, Marc E.H. Smith, named him special prosecutor at the trial of Joe Sam Walker, who was convicted in the murder of University of Colorado student Theresa Foster.

Chilson continued his private law practice until 1956 when U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower appointed him Undersecretary of the Interior.  Following this, Chilson held a lifetime post as a Federal District Judge.

Photo: Carnegie Branch Library for Local History, Boulder, CO