District Attorney Profile

Rex H. Scott

Rex H. Scott (DA 1965-1969)

REX H. SCOTT (1921 - 1986)

Twentieth Judicial District, 1965 - 1969

Rex H. Scott received a Purple Heart for his service in the Navy during World War II. In 1950, he moved to Boulder and earned a law degree from the University of Colorado.

Scott told a newspaper reporter at the time that he was a “poor but honest, young, struggling attorney” and proposed to “give it a try.” Beginning in 1952, Scott served as a Boulder municipal judge.

In 1965, when Scott took the office of District Attorney, Colorado had been reorganized into twenty-two districts, and Boulder County, alone, became the Twentieth Judicial District. 

Some of the cases Scott presided over included Joan Brown, arrested in 1965 for the murder of American Nazi Party member James Pearson; and Joseph Morse, arrested in 1966 for the murder of University of Colorado student Elaura Jaquette.

In 1970, Scott was appointed District Court Judge and for the next twelve years he presided over nearly 250 criminal trials. At the end of his career, he told another reporter, “I walk out of the courtroom, go home, and sleep well because I’ve come to think that I’ve done the right thing.”

Photo: Carnegie Branch Library for Local History, Boulder CO