Child Protection

Boulder County Family and Children Services Division

Safety is our number one priority.

Parents have the primary responsibility for keeping their children safe, but when they cannot we intervene on behalf of the child.

Families are our partners.

Their views, values, and cultural traditions are recognized; they are treated with dignity and respect and are included in all decisions that affect them and their children.

Our philosophy has at its core a focus on early intervention and prevention.

We strive to strengthen families and communities to provide safe and stable environments; by connecting families with assistance they need sooner rather than later, we are helping them stabilize themselves and avoid deeper crisis.

Children have a voice in the decisions that affect them.

Children in our care are connected with the resources necessary for their health, education, well-being, and successful transition to adulthood.

We are proud of what our child protection teams are accomplishing.

Above is Boulder County's Child Welfare Scorecard, one of the measures by which the state keeps track of programs throughout all 64 counties. Our focus on early intervention and prevention coupled with case management that encircles and supports families is keeping children safer.


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