HHS Budget 


Open government is the political doctrine which holds that the business of government and state administration should be opened at all levels to effective public scrutiny and oversight. In Colorado, open government is guided to a large degree by the Colorado Open Records Act, which was enacted in 1969. Public meetings in Colorado are guided by the Colorado Sunshine Law.

County residents and taxpayers have the right to be able to adequately gauge whether their county government is effective, competent, frugal with tax revenues, and in compliance with all expectations and relevant laws about public records and open meetings. On this page, you will find documents that may be of interest to you as a Boulder County taxpayer or other interested community member.

Ballot Initiative 1A (the Temporary Human Services Safety Net)

The Boulder County Housing & Human Services Advisory Committee, made up of community members and governmental and non-profit leaders all over Boulder County, meets monthly.


DHHS Budget Presentations

Boulder County Human Services Board Meeting Presentations

Boulder County Housing Authority (BCHA) Board Meeting Presentations

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