Land Use Department Building in Boulder, Colorado 

Land Use Staff Directory

We are committed to preservation and integrity of our landscape, conservation of natural resources for a sustainable future, and provision of safety and well being of the citizens of Boulder County through the best in service, public policy, and process.

Land Use Administration
Dale Case
Land Use Director
Pam Kuwahara
Administrative Division Manager
Richard Hackett
Communications Specialist
Lori Fredrickson
Administrative Technician
Alicia Lombardi
Administrative Technician
Sinead O'Dwyer
Administrative Technician
Building Safety & Inspection Services
Gary Goodell
Chief Building Official
Michelle Huebner
Plans Examiner Supervisor
Jon Rasmussen
Plans Examiner
Ron Flax
Building Sustainability Examiner
Kathy Acosta
Lead Permit Specialist
Leslie Cline
Permit Specialist
Sue Leto
Permit Specialist
Pat Delumpa
Building Inspector
Cary Gaynor
Building Inspector
Brian Nye
Building Inspector
Daniel Mastin
Plans Examiner / Building Inspector
Bill Myers
Plans Examiner / Building Inspector
Building Safety & Inspection Services: Wildfire Mitigation
Land Use Systems Team (GIS)
David Haines
GIS Manager/Business Analyst 
Waylon Todacheene
Senior GIS Specialist
Molly Molter
GIS Specialist
Amber Horrie
GIS Specialist
Carmen LeRoux
GIS Technician
Planning: Long Range Planning/Policy Team
Pete Fogg
Senior Planner
Abby Shannon
Planning Manager
Forestry Education & Outreach Coordinator
Jim B. Webster
Senior Planner
Planning: Long Range Planning/Public Information Team
Denise Grimm
Senior Planner
Kathy Sandoval
Public Information Planner II
Bonnie Gracia
Public Information Planner
Jessica Fasick
Planner I
Planning: Development Review Team
Kim Sanchez
Planning Division Manager
Hannah Hippely
Senior Planner
Bryan Harding
Senior Planner
Steven Williams
Planner II
Elisha Bartlett
Planner I 
John Holste
Planner I
Michelle Hoshide
Planner I
Steven Giang
Planner I
Meredith Lanning
Administrative Lead Technician
Martha Perez
Zoning Specialist
Zoning Enforcement
Taj Yelton
Assistant Zoning Administrator
Steven DeMerritt
Zoning Officer


Land Use

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