M.P. Capp

M.P. Capp (1908-1912)

A Longmont druggist and member of the firm of Capp and McCreery, was elected to office in 1908. Sheriff Capp was undoubtedly a busy man. A decision by the county's electorate in 1907 to enact a local ban on the sale, production and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages (3.2 beer being excepted) went into effect in 1909, anticipating national Prohibition by seven years. More significantly, a protracted coal miner's strike (1910-1914) put hundreds of local miners out of work and was the source of much tension and violence.

Evidently having had his fill of the violence, Sheriff Capp chose not to run for re-election, and retired to private life.

Tragically, he was accidentally killed in Boulder Canyon in 1927, trying to save a young man who had come into contact with a high voltage power line.


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