Arthur T. Everson

Arthur T. Everson (1942-1966)

Was born in Northwood, Iowa, and moved with his family to Longmont in 1917. He was employed with George Richart's trucking company when Richart was elected Sheriff in 1932, and was appointed as deputy shortly after Richart took office. Arthur ran for Sheriff in 1942 as a Republican following Sheriff Richart's retirement.

When Everson took office in January 1943, he inherited an organization starved by Depression-era economics and depleted by the demands of a nation at war. He holds the distinction of having served as Sheriff longer (24 years) than anyone else in the organization's history.

The Theresa Foster Homicide Case, sparked the need for improved techniques and training in forensics. Sheriff Everson and Boulder Police Chief Myron Teegarden established the "Boulder Crime School" in 1949.

In 1966, after serving the citizens of Boulder County for 34 years Sheriff Everson retired from law enforcement.

He died in 1984 and is buried in Longmont's Mountain View Cemetery.


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