Direct Property Tax Payment via ACH

The Treasurer’s office is offering a new payment option for paying your property taxes electronically.


Deadline is February 1, 2014


This option is similar to the E-CHECK program used by 10,000 of our taxpayers last year

  • Except you only have to sign up once
  • We handle withdrawing your tax payments directly from your financial institution as long as you want
  • You can opt out whenever you want 
  • There is NO fee for this program

We will notify you of each payment by email

  • 10 days before each payment
  • It is required that you provide us with an email address that is checked regularly

Direct Payment via ACH is the transfer of funds from a consumer account for the purpose of making a payment
If you’re interested in signing for this program

  • Fill out form:
    • Consumer Authorization for Direct Property Tax Payment via ACH
      • Form is only available December 1st - February 1st
  • Print form
  • Sign form
    • Since a signature is required, we must receive a signed hard copy of each form to get you enrolled
  • Attach a voided check
  • Return it to:
    • Boulder County Treasurer
      Attn: AutoPay
      PO Box 471
      Boulder CO 80306-0471
  • Please complete a separate form for each property you want to include in this program.
    If you have questions concerning this new electronic payment program, call us at 303-441-3520

To cancel your Direct Property Tax Payment via ACH 


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