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The Boulder County Elections Division needs temporary workers to help us during active election cycles. For some positions, work will begin two to four weeks before each election and lasts through Election Day. You must be available full time as needed during that period, including some weekend days. These are paid positions, $11/hour.

The next election is Primary Election Day on Tuesday, June 24, 2014. For most positions, you must be a registered voter by the time you start work. You must also pass a background check and take an oath of office.

If you are interested in becoming a temporary election worker, or finding out more about all the different positions available, please contact:

Gina Gills at ggills@bouldercounty.org or 303.413.7551. If emailing, please include your name and the position(s) you are interested in in the subject line. Send a resume, if possible (no cover letter needed). If calling, please have this same information ready.

Here is a short summary of the positions available:

  • Voter Service Polling Centers (various locations throughout the county): VSPC workers will assist voters with all facets of election customer service, including, and not limited to: in-person voting, issuing replacement ballots, updating voter registration and registering voters (on a computer) in specialized computer program, machine voting and ballot printing.
    • Must commit for the period of June 9 through June 24. This position requires data entry skills, working with the public and ability to learn and apply knowledge quickly.
  • Ballot Drop Off (Various locations throughout the county): Assisting voters as they drop off ballots.

  • Courier: Working within a bi-partisan team you will drive around Boulder County picking up ballots from Voter Service Centers and Drop Off locations.

  • Opening and Separating ballots (Main office of the clerk & recorder, Boulder): This position will work in bi-partisan teams and open ballot envelopes, where the ballot and the mailing materials are separated into stacks and prepared for scanning.

  • Resolution Operators (Main office of the clerk & recorder, Boulder): Working within a team the computer operator will navigate computer screens displaying ballot images, allowing the resolution judges to concentrate on reviewing content to determine voter intent.

  • Health Care Facility (Main office of the clerk & recorder, Boulder): This position is responsible for delivering ballots to individuals living in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Workers are set up in bi-partisan teams and serve as both secure ballot delivery to the individuals residing in group living facilities, and are also trained to provide neutral voter assistance when requested by the residents.

  • Signature Verification (Main office of the clerk & recorder, Boulder): Working in bi-partisan teams, signature verifiers review voter mail ballot envelope signatures.

Work hours and days vary for each position. Some positions start as early as May 27, others may only be a 2-3 day commitment (on/before June 24). Pay is $11/hour.

Some jobs require a reliable vehicle and good driving record.

Frequently Asked Questions about working Elections:

In the past I worked as an election judge just on Election Day. Is that possible?

Due to the passage of the Voter Access & Modernized Elections Act of 2013, Colorado will be implementing mail ballot elections for both the Primary and General elections. In addition to mailing every active voter a ballot, the law requires that we provide a number of Voter Service and Polling Centers (VSPCs) to support both voter registration and any in-person voting service needs (for example, the option to vote in person or obtain a replacement ballot).The VSPCs replace the polling places. For the primary election we will have at least 4 VSPC locations in Boulder County.

Given the shift to VSPCs, the role of election judge is changing and cannot just be for one day. Though we will still have opportunities for individuals to perform basic ballot reception functions at the VSPCs and at a number of Ballot Drop-off locations, many of the workers we need to support the election will be employed either in ballot processing or will require basic data entry computer skills.

If you are still interested in serving as an election judge for an extended period of time, please contact Gina Gills at ggills@bouldercounty.org or 303.413.7551.

Do I have to be registered with a certain party to get a position?

For some positions, we pair up individuals in bi-partisan teams, so we will collect information about your party registration at the job fair. However, you are not required to be registered with a party to work.

Do I have to be 18 to work?

We require temporary workers to be at least 16 years old.

Do I have to have a car to work?

For some positions, a reliable vehicle is required. 



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