2014 Primary Voting Info & FAQ

Official Notice of Primary Election in Boulder County, Colorado -- Primary Election Day -- Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Primary Election Information

Elections in Colorado are conducted by mail ballot with select Voter Service and Polling Center locations for those that require additional assistance or prefer to vote in person. (Voting Info handout with locations).

For this Primary Election, ballots will be mailed the week of June 2 to active eligible voters who are members of the Republican, Democratic and American Constitution parties. Additionally, the City of Longmont is conducting a Special Election. All active eligible City of Longmont voters will receive a ballot with the Longmont question regardless of party affiliation. Unaffiliated voters throughout Boulder County may affiliate with a major political party and vote in a primary up to and including Primary Election Day on June 24.

Ballots must be received by the Boulder County Clerk & Recorder's Office via mail or at a designated drop-off location by 7 p.m. on Primary Election Day in order for your vote(s) to be counted. Ballots received after 7 p.m. on Primary Election Day will not be counted. Postmarks do not count as a received date.

After returning a ballot, voters can verify that their ballot was received through our Voter Look-up tool.

If you make a mistake, damage or lose your ballot, you may request a replacement ballot by emailing Vote@BoulderCountyVotes.org, calling 303-413-7740, or by visiting a Voter Service and Polling Center.

Primary 2014 Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Primary Election?

  • Colorado holds Primary Elections in June and General Elections in November of even-numbered years.
  • In the Primary Election, voters affiliated with political parties cast a ballot for their party's candidate for each office. The winning candidate from each party is placed on the November General Election ballot and is considered that party's nominee.

Does the winning candidate in the Primary Election hold office?

  • No.  The winning candidate in the Primary Election must face other candidates in the November General Election.  Whoever wins in November holds office.

Do all Political Parties participate in the Primary Election?

  • In Colorado, by law, all major political parties (which in 2014 are the American Constitution, Democratic, and Republican parties) must participate even if there are no candidates for offices and/or no competitive races.  This means the County Clerk is still required to issue a ballot to any registered voter in that party for that Primary Election.  Minor political parties only participate if they have more than one candidate running for the same office. In Boulder County, no minor parties have competitive primaries for 2014.

Who can vote in a Primary Election?

  • Active eligible registered voters in Colorado that meet certain party affiliation requirements may vote in the Primary Election. To see if you are a registered voter or to review your party affiliation, use our Voter Look-up tool.

Do I have to be affiliated with a political party to vote in the Primary Election?

  • Yes.  Only voters affiliated with a participating political party can vote in the Primary Election.
  • If you are an unaffiliated voter, you can affiliate with a participating political party up to and including Primary Election Day, June 24, 2014.

Can I vote in a different party's Primary Election?

  • Affiliated voters must be affiliated or change to the party they plan to vote for by May 23, 2014.  If you wish to switch parties, you must do so before that date.

I live in the City of Longmont. How do I learn more about their Special Election / ballot question?

  • Visit the City of Longmont’s website for more info.

How to I learn more about the candidate races?

I Just found out there is an election and I would like to vote. How do I do so?