Yard Waste and Food Scraps 

Yard Waste and Food Scrap Drop-off

Drop-off Centers

Many local communities offer yard waste and food scrap drop-off sites for residents. Many of the sites offer free mulch and other compost materials to residents of the County or particular City.

  • Allenspark/Meeker Park

    Community Forestry Sort Yards collect wood and slash from county residents.  
    Note: The Allenspark Transfer Station does not accept trees, slash or wood waste.

  • Boulder County and City of Boulder Yard Waste and Wood Waste Drop-Off Center

    The City of Boulder and Boulder County sponsor the yard waste drop-off center and wood waste drop-off center at Western Disposal. Residents receive a 40% discount from normal yard waste and wood waste drop-off pricing. Please keep yard waste separate from wood waste.

    Boulder County contractors bringing material from construction job sites located in the city limits of Boulder can pay 30% less than the standard construction trash disposal rate if wood waste is kept separate.

    Western Disposal sells 2” grind mulch and finished compost in bulk. Loading is available for free and they provide delivery service for a fee.  For more information, call 303-444-2037.

  • Longmont Tree Limb Diversion Center

    The Longmont Tree Limb Diversion Center offers free services for Longmont residents. Contractors and non-residents pay a fee. 

  • Louisville Grass-clipping and Leaves Drop-off Site

    The City of Louisville uses the Western Disposal Services Transfer Station for all grass-clipping and leaf drop off.  

  • Nederland

    Community Forestry Sort Yards collect wood and slash from county residents. 
    Note: The Nederland Transfer Station does not accept trees, slash or wood waste.

    Nederland Transfer Station accepts organics including food scraps, meat and bones, cheese, dairy products, compostable food service items, yard and garden trimmings. All material for composting must be delivered in compostable bags.   

  • Eco-Cycle’s Center for Hard to Recycle Materials (CHaRM)

    6400 Arapahoe Rd., Boulder

    Eco-Cycle's Center for Hard to Recycle Materials (CHaRM) accepts all food scraps (including meats, bones, and oils), most soiled paper products (with the exception of anything plastic coated, including freezer food boxes), certified compostable products including flatware, cups, etc., and floral trimmings. Open to public.

    For more information about this service call 303-444-6634.


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