Hazardous Waste Disposal Costs for Businesses

Cost Sheet

NOTE: A $25 minimum handling charge applies, paid by cash or check, if no account with Boulder County will be (or has been) set up.

This list is in three sections, check each section for your waste type.

Hazardous Wastes Per Pound Cost (including container)


 Asbestos Roof Tar




 Compressed Gas Cylinders


 Flammable Liquids


 Flammable Solids


 Halogenated Solvents




 Mercury Compounds/Solutions/Elemental




 Non-PCB Ballasts (excl. electronic ballasts)


 Oil-based Paints and Stains (HANDLING FEE = $5 per 100 lbs.)

$5 per 100 lbs.

 Organic Peroxides




 Paint Related Materials


 PCB Ballasts




 Photographic Chemicals


 Water Reactives


 Universal Wastes
 Aerosol Cans


 Alkaline/Heavy Duty Batteries - Taped


 Lithium or Button Cell Batteries - Taped


 Lead-Acid Batteries


 Rechargeable Batteries - Taped


 Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs)


 Fluorescent Tubes (U-Tubes are 4' each)

$0.09 PER FOOT

 Misc. Mercury Bulbs (not CFLs)


 Shattershield Bulbs/UV Bulbs


 Mercury Thermostats - in plastic housing


 Mercury Thermometers


 Other Recyclables/Non Hazardous


 Latex Paint (HANDLING FEE = $5 per 100 lbs.)

$5 per 100 lbs.

 Non-Hazardous Water Based Products


 Non-Hazardous Liquids - Bulked


 Used Motor Oil


 Other - Please Specify


 Salvage drum - additional disposal cost


 Contractor labor @ 53.48 per hour


Note: Prices are subject to change. If your waste stream is not listed, program staff will contact you, after your inventory has been submitted, to discuss fees that will apply.

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