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Boulder County Public Health (BCPH) enforces Colorado Air Quality Control Commission Regulation No. 1, which states that:

  • Every owner or operator of an activity that creates dust must use all practical measures or operating procedures necessary to minimize dust.
  • Sources must prevent dust from leaving their property.


  • Agricultural sources and properties less than 25 acres or projects lasting six months or less are exempt.
  • When winds are over 30 mph, sources are exempt from violating the regulation.

Signs that Dust is Being Controlled

A company trying to control dust will have water trucks in use and should be implementing some of the following dust control measures at the site:

  • Minimizing large dirt piles
  • Stabilizing/crusting stockpiles
  • Laying gravel on haul roads
  • Applying chemical dust suppressants
  • Sweeping up mud that is tracked onto paved roads
  • Utilizing snow fences
  • Re-vegetating as they complete sections of the project

What You Can Do

Dust emissions can be prevented. Your eyes can help us.

  • Report dust events to Boulder County Public Health at 303-441-1534 or at
  • Send us a photo. This will provide evidence of the problem and assist us in making recommendations on how to adequately correct it.
  • Look for a sign on the property with contact information and call to express your concerns.

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