Radon Photo Gallery

photo of correct installation of piping

Correct Sub-Slab Depressurization System Installation - This picture shows the correct installation of piping from beneath the floor to the fan, which is outside the home. There is a label listing the contractor’s information and a U-tube monometer to indicate that a vacuum is being pulled on the system.

photo of outside mounted fan

Correct Fan Installation - The fan is mounted outside of the living space and is vertical. It is connected to the piping by rubber reducers, which helps control noise. The exhaust from the fan runs beyond the eave of the roof and exits vertically with no cap on the vent pipe.

photo of correct fan wiring

Correct Fan Wiring - The fan is wired to a switch within sight of the fan, which is wired to a GFI circuit.

photo of fan mounted incorrectly - inside basement

Incorrect Fan Installation - The fan should always be outside of the living space of the home, outside the building, in the attic, or in the garage; not in the basement, as in this photograph.

photo of unapproved fan

Unapproved Fan & Incorrect Installation - This fan is not an approved fan for a radon mitigation system. In addition, it is mounted in the basement, not outside of the living space of the home. The system also has metal piping, which is difficult to seal. Radon may be leaking into the home from the pressurized side of the piping.

photo of incorrect vent below eave

Incorrect System Venting - This vent has two problems. First, it is below the eave of the roof. Second, it is not vertical and open. There is the possibility of this vent freezing over with ice in the winter and causing the system to be ineffective

photo of incorrect vent below window

Incorrect Vent Below Windows - This vent is located beneath windows, which, if opened, will allow radon back into the home.

photo of correct pipe sealing

Correct Sealing - All piping penetrations should be sealed, like this, to prevent air, animal, and insect intrusion into the home.

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