Hard to Recycle Items

There are many non-traditional items that can be recycled in Boulder County.

Eco-Cycle, a local non-profit agency in Boulder County, provides a list of resources for Hard to Recycle items. Consult Eco-Cycle's A-Z Recycling Guide for each hard to recycle item. A blue box appears in the top right corner of each page. Use the drop down list to find out how to recycle, compost or reuse your items.

Or visit the CHaRM (Center of Hard to Recycle Materials) website for more information about hard to recycle items.
Accepts: Electronics, scrap metal, mattresses, small plastic appliance's, plastics and miscellaneous items (bicycles and parts, books, cooking oil, fire extinguishers, porcelain toilets and sinks, reusable shoes and textiles and yoga mats.) Fees may apply.
Located at: 6400 Arapahoe Rd, Boulder
Call: (303) 444-6634

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