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Air Quality

Public Health Monitors Air Quality in Boulder County

Boulder County Public Health (BCPH) monitors both indoor and outdoor air quality in the county. BCPH staff use an integrated pollution prevention strategy in working with businesses by:
  • Helping businesses save money and reduce environmental impacts
  • Assisting with permitting requirements
  • Inspecting air pollution sources
  • Enforcing air regulations
  • Providing information and responding to the public on a variety of air quality issues

BCPH operates and maintains an air quality-monitoring network in the cities of Boulder and Longmont, and near Eldorado Springs. The network monitors ozone, particles, and carbon monoxide.

BCPH also funds and coordinates the Boulder County Clean Air Consortium, which includes members from the private and public sectors working to improve air quality in Boulder County.

Through the award-winning Partners for a Clean Environment (PACE) program, staff works with large manufacturers and small businesses to prevent pollution before it is released. Partners receive technical assistance and recognition for environmental achievement. In one year, PACE partners reduced air emissions (volatile organic compounds and hazardous air pollutants) by 28 tons.

The department provides consultation regarding indoor air quality to residents, businesses, and schools. Indoor air quality assistance focuses on testing for and mitigating radon, resolving mold problem, handling asbestos, correcting ventilation issues, and identifying and cleaning up methamphetamine labs.

Working with county employees, staff promotes walk/bike-to-work events, telecommuting/teleworking, Ecopass mass transit passes, and flexible work schedules to reduce emissions from employee travel.


Sustainability Office

Brad Smith
Sustainability Outreach Specialist

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