A family biking and the signage for Josephine Commons 

Community Well-Being

The county creates and supports a comprehensive safety net of services for residents, through coordinated regional planning, service delivery and integrated partnerships. Boulder County provides state and federally mandated programs, entitlement programs and countywide services.  By working together, we can make our community an even healthier place in which to live, work and play. 

The county proactively anticipates and plans for emerging demographic trends and social issues, including:
  • Needs of a growing older adult population and their family caregivers
  • Healthy child and youth development and opportunities to be contributing members of the community
  • Support and inclusion of immigrants into the community
  • Impacts of a large university population on housing and other infrastructure
  • Need for ongoing support of services and facilities for basic needs such as food, health care, shelter, child care, elder care and education and training
  • Support for community non-profits 
  • Accessibility and affordability of basic health and human services
  • Improving mental health (including depression and suicide)
  • Reducing substance abuse
  • Encouraging healthy eating and active living

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