Who We Are

Susie Strife

Susie Strife, Sustainability Coordinator

Susie leads the county’s Sustainability Initiative, providing direction on policies and program implementation for internal and external sustainability activities while managing planning efforts and budgets. She also serves as the key liaison to other county agencies to support existing projects and guide the county towards a more sustainable future. Susie received her PhD from the University of Colorado in 2009, and often teaches courses on sustainability, green design and environmental sociology.

Dave Hatchimonji

Dave Hatchimonji, Residential Energy Efficiency Program Manager

Dave manages the residential EnergySmart service, which helps to make energy efficiency upgrades easier and more affordable for county residents, including designing and monitoring incentives and new financing products. Dave also serves as liaison to Xcel Energy and the Public Utilities Commission on energy efficiency issues and assists in the administration of the energy loan product. He began his tenure with Boulder County at Longs Peak Energy Conservation prior to coming to the Sustainability Office.

Lea Yancey

Lea Yancey, Community Sustainability and Energy Specialist

Lea fosters partnerships with communities and organizations throughout Boulder County around a vision for sustainability. By working together, the intent is to achieve mutual goals, share lessons learned and leverage resources. Lea also leads employee engagement to reduce energy use and increase waste diversion in county facilities through education and collaborative projects.

Leigh Cushing

Leigh Cushing, Zero Waste Sustainability Specialist 

Leigh is responsible for the development and implementation of Boulder County’s Zero Waste Action Plan and works on a local and state level to help shape and create Zero Waste policy and planning. Leigh works as a liaison with communities and organizations throughout the county, and supports the work of the Resource Conservation Advisory Board.

Brad Smith

Brad Smith, Sustainability Outreach and Education Specialist 

Brad develops and implements outreach and communication strategies to forward Boulder County's sustainability goals, expand existing services, and  promote community  engagement. Brad also oversees the office's internship program, training and developing sustainability professionals.


Sustainability Office

Brad Smith
Sustainability Outreach Specialist

Boulder County Courthouse
First floor
1325 Pearl Street
Boulder, CO 80302

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