Waste Services

“Zero Waste or Darn Near” is Boulder County’s commitment to sensible resource management in government operations. Boulder County is equally committed to developing policies, programs and infrastructure that will help residents and businesses recycle traditional and hard-to-recycle materials, compost at home and at work, and safely manage hazardous materials that are associated with home care and automotive products, including oil paints and antifreeze.

  • Trash & Hauling

    Boulder County operates transfer stations and recycling drop-off centers, as well as monitors and issues licenses for all the hauling companies that operate in the county.
  • Recycling

    Boulder County offers diverse recycling collection and drop-off options to residents, businesses and visitors.
  • Composting

    Boulder County provides educational resources to encourage the residents to compost plant trimmings and vegetable waste in order to create a high-quality soil amendment. Composting can extend the life of our landfills by diverting almost 20% of the waste stream.
  • Zero Waste

    Boulder County adopted the Zero Waste Action Plan in 2010, demonstrating a commitment to smart resource management. The county believes that waste can be reduced or eliminated through intentional actions, including Green Purchasing Policies and finding ways to reduce, reuse and recycle discarded materials.
  • Hazardous Waste

    Residents and businesses in Boulder and Broomfield Counties can use the Hazardous Materials Management Facility to safely dispose of common products that require special disposal procedures.

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