Community Outreach Program (Zero Waste Funding)


Zero Waste Funding initiatives provide an opportunity for businesses, organizations and individuals within our community to contribute to Boulder County’s long-term vision of moving towards Zero Waste. This vision is outlined in Boulder County’s Zero Waste Action Plan.

In addition to the programs supported in prior years, Boulder County is encouraging programs with an emphasis on demonstrated resource diversion (new tons diverted from disposal) for businesses, residents and governmental buildings.  

During the funding cycle, a pre-proposal workshop is scheduled and attendance is required for all applicants who have not received funding in the past, and highly encouraged for all other applicants. The workshop provides answers to questions about the program and the application process.

The minimum funding amount available for a project is $1,000 with a maximum of $10,000. Local governments, non-profit organizations, school districts, schools, private companies and individuals may apply as long as the scope of work is in Boulder County or the City and County of Broomfield and insurance requirements are met.

Application & Funding Calendar

Application request for 2015 funding is closed.

Application & Forms

Successful Applications from Prior Year (for example)

Eligibility Requirements and Project Criteria

  • Open to communities in Boulder County, City & County of Broomfield and Town of Erie, including the part not in Boulder County (Service Area), other incorporated and unincorporated communities within the service area, non-profit organizations, school districts, schools, private companies and individuals.
  • Projects must be in compliance with all federal, state and local land use, regulatory and permit requirements.
  • Projects must be based in Service Area, divert discarded materials generated in Service Area, or involve educational campaigns targeting residents or businesses within the Service Area.
  • Projects must not duplicate existing programs or services.

Funding Categories

  • Infrastructure Programs - must improve existing zero waste programs in ways that will; increase the quantity of materials recycled or reused, create new opportunities for recycling/composting, improve intermediate processing capabilities, improve safety, and create efficiency of operation. Funds may be used for: the purchase of containers, balers, shredders, compactors, vehicles, forklifts, pallet jacks, etc., construction and signs. Projects that demonstrate that new materials or greater quantities of materials will be reused, recycled, or composted as a result of the project will receive funding preference. Projects should demonstrate sustainability and compare the useful life of the infrastructure improvement to the life of the overall project.
  • Education Programs - programs or projects must focus on Zero Waste, source reduction, reuse, recycling and composting, must have a measurable education component, and provide services where a need exists within the Service Area.

For More Information

For inquiries or clarification of this program, contact David Bebak,

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