Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group (LWOG)

The Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group (LWOG) was created as community awareness and concerns about the handling of mine waste sites in the Lefthand Creek watershed were heightened by the possibility of having them listed for receiving EPA "Superfund" resources.

Issues centered on these mines and their contribution to water quality degradation in the upper Lefthand Creek watershed led to formation of the parent organization for LWOG, the Lefthand Watershed Task Force.

The task force was appointed by the Boulder County Board of Health for a limited time to come up with recommendations, one of which was to have a more permanent group responsible for assisting in the public outreach involved with mine site cleanup.

A permanent group was formed shortly thereafter and continues to work on issues related to the Lefthand watershed today.

The Task Force's work was staffed and supported by the Water Quality Program through grants from the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO).

Purpose & Duties

  • The task force acted under the authority of the Boulder County Board of Health to assess existing environmental and health data related to the Lefthand watershed.
  • Based upon the assessment, the task force determined cleanup actions were necessary, evaluated cleanup options, and recommended preferred cleanup options to the Boulder County Board of Health.
  • The task force also collected and disseminated to all stakeholders pertinent information related to the watershed.
  • The task force met regularly two times per month, or more as deemed necessary, for the term of the task force. (The term was from August 1 through March 11, 2002.)
  • All meetings were publicly advertised and included a public comment period of not less than 15 minutes.

Continued Role of LWOG

The Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group now exists as an independent non-profit organization. It is currently overseen by a citizen advisory board and is no longer directly accountable to the Boulder County Board of Health.

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