SepticSmart: Permit Process

Executive Order Temporarily Amending Property Transfer Regulations

Due to the condition of many of the roads and bridges as a result of the September 2013 flooding in Boulder County, inspectors are not able to access many properties currently in the process of being sold, and it may be months before access is restored. To accommodate this, Boulder County Onsite Wastewater System (OWS) Regulations - Property Transfer Certificates – have been temporarily amended to facilitate the sale of properties that cannot be readily accessed by inspectors and septic tank pumpers. Buyers are required to have their OWS inspected by a licensed engineer or NAWT inspector and make any necessary repairs within one year of the sale date.

If your system has been impacted by the September 2013 flood, please contact a water quality specialist at 303-441-1564 to discuss any concerns you may have and to learn more about the repair permit process. Water quality specialists may also be available to visit your site to provide further guidance, if needed. You may also contact the Boulder County Flood Rebuilding and Permit Information Center at 303-441-1705 or

Getting a permit is the first step in helping to prevent contamination of our waterways. The type of permit you need is dependent on the status of your system.

To help you determine which is the right permit for your system, please click on the permit that best describes your situation.

Please Choose One of the Following:

  • My septic system has never been permitted, needs to be replaced, or sewage is surfacing in my yard. See Major Repair
  • I am building a new home and need to install a septic system on an undeveloped property. See New System
  • My septic system is permitted, but I need to make small repairs to my septic tank, sewer line, or distribution box. See Minor Repair
  • My septic system is permitted, but it does not have a final approval date on record. Contact the Water Quality Program for further assistance at 303-441-1564.
  • I have added bedrooms to my home since my septic system was permitted. Contact the Water Quality Program for further assistance at 303-441-1564.


Please contact our Water Quality Program at 303-441-1564, or if you have an existing system, check your system record for more information.

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