DEET Products & Alternatives

DEET Products

Product Name Primary Ingredient
Repel Sportsmen Max 40% DEET
3M Ultrathon Lotion 31.58% DEET
Cutter Backwoods Wipes 30% DEET
Off! Sportsmen 30% DEET
3M Ultrathon 25% DEET
Off! Deep Woods 25% DEET
Off! Deep Woods 23.8% DEET
3M Ultrathon 23.75% DEET
Cutter Backwoods 21.85% DEET
Off! Fresh Scent 15% DEET
Off! Unscented 14.25% DEET
Off! Skintastic w/ Sunscreen 9.50% DEET
Cutter Mosquito Wipes Family 7.15% DEET
Cutter All Family 7% DEET
Cutter Skinsations 7% DEET
Off! Skintastic Family Unscented 7% DEET
Off! Skintastic 7% DEET
Off! Skintastic Summer Splash 7% DEET
Off! Skintastic Tropical Fresh 7% DEET
Cutter All Family 6.65% DEET
Cutter Sensations 6.65% DEET
Off! Skintastic Family 5% DEET

DEET Alternatives

Bite Blocker 2% Soybean Oil
OFF! Botanicals Oil of lemon eucalyptus
Plant-Based Insect Repellent Oil of lemon eucalyptus
Repel Lemon Eucalyptus,and Fight Bite Oil of lemon eucalyptus

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New England Journal of Medicine Article on Using DEET

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