Waiting Children

These children are waiting for a family to be their family.

Metiki, Age 14

A picture of Metiki, Age 14

Metiki is a kind and friendly fourteen year-old, but usually very shy when you first meet her. Metiki enjoys sports, especially soccer, as well as art and music. Metiki is from Ethiopia and would like to be connected to her cultural heritage. One way to see Metiki shine is to ask her about her Ethiopian roots. Metiki would do well with a two-parent family where she is the youngest or only child, and in a household with structure, routines and supervision. If this describes your family, register for Orientation or contact us.

Travis, Age 14

A picture of Travis, Age 14

Travis is an engaging and outgoing fourteen year old. He is very active and enjoys swimming, martial arts and anything involving Dragon Ball Z. Travis does well with a single child household and thrives when able to have one on one attention. Travis is always active and on the go and likes to stay involved in everything going on around him. Consider extending your family to Travis; register for Orientation or contact us.

Jeremy, Age 15

A picture of Jeremy, Age 15

Jeremy is a fun, energetic, and engaging 15 year-old. He is captivated by trucks, planes and boats and when you ask Jeremy about the Broncos, he’ll tell you, “They’re MY Team!” He loves playing catch with a football and shooting hoops. Jeremy also really enjoys playing computer games, riding his bike, and listening to music. Jeremy needs a family that is patient, flexible and understanding. They will need to be very present in Jeremy’s life to coach him and guide him. If his family also has a sense of humor, they will find great joy in exploring life with Jeremy. If you think that Jeremy might be a good fit for your family, please register for Orientation or contact us.

Next Steps

If you would like more information about one of these children, or about becoming a foster parent with Boulder County, register online to attend an Orientation, or use the same registration form to submit a question.



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