Individual Counseling


Budget Appointments

Preparing for Your Appointment

Your budget appointment should last about one hour. Please bring in the completed Appointment Packet.

During your appointment, your housing counselor will cover the following areas:

  • How to calculate a workable spending plan
  • Determine where your money is going and where you want it to go
  • How to prioritize monthly expenses
  • Make managing your money a habit

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Credit Appointments


  • Help you understand your credit report
  • Identify ways to improve your credit profile
  • Help you develop a plan for paying down debt

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Note: We do not negotiate payments with creditors. Read more about credit counseling agencies and the services they offer.

Preparing for your Appointment

Your appointment should last about one hour. Please bring in the completed Appointment Packet

Learn more about Credit


Foreclosure Prevention Appointments

The appointment should last about 1½ hours. Please bring in the completed appointment packet.Spanish appointment packet

At the end of the appointment you will:

  • Understand the foreclosure process and timeline
  • Know the options that are available to you
  • Have a follow up plan

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Learn more about Foreclosure:

    Are you renting a property that is in foreclosure?
  • Colorado foreclosure timeline
  • Options
  • Avoid foreclosure rescue scams
  • Learn more about the homeowner resources introduced by the Obama Administration at and
  • If you are not a Boulder County resident please call the Colorado Foreclosure Hotline at 1-877-601-HOPE
  • If your house is in the legal foreclosure process, get more information related to your property by contacting the Public Trustee in your county.
  • Boulder County Public Trustee

 Home Purchase

Home Purchase Appointments

The Boulder County Housing & Human Services Housing Counseling Program offers free individual counseling for first time homebuyers or people already in the home buying process but needing some additional guidance.

What to expect at your appointment:

Your home purchase appointment will last about one hour, please bring in the completed Appointment Packet.

Your Housing Counselor will cover the following areas during your appointment:

  • Steps involved in purchasing a home
  • Budgeting for homeownership
  • How your credit affects homeownership
  • Affordable Housing and Down Payment Assistance opportunities
  • We can help review your loan documents prior to closing to ensure you are getting into a solid loan.

For comprehensive information on buying a home, please check out our Homeownership Training Class.

Affordable Housing Programs:

Down Payment Assistance:

These programs provide cash assistance to help pay for the minimum down payment and/or closing costs of buying a home. Eligibility requirements vary by program.

Please contact the local down payment assistance programs directly!:

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Reverse Mortgage Appointments

If you are age 62 or older and have significant equity in your home, you may be able to convert some of the equity in your home into cash. Contact a Housing Counselor to help you understand your options and schedule an appointment.

What To Expect At Your Appointment:

The appointment should last about 1 hour. Please bring in the completed appointment packet.

At The End Of The Appointment You Will:

  • understand what a reverse mortgage is
  • know the costs and pros and cons
  • understand alternatives
  • receive the required counseling certificate 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM)?
    • A HECM is a federally-insured reverse mortgage.
  • Why is this counseling required?
    • It is required by HUD that persons who apply for a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage meet with a HUD-approved housing counselor to better understand how reverse mortgages work.  Your counselor is an objective third party and does not have any relationship with lenders.
  • What is the fee for counseling?
    • At this time, Boulder County does not charge for reverse mortgage counseling.
  • Who can set up a reverse mortgage appointment?
    • Only the homeowner, or the legal representative of the homeowner, may initiate scheduling the appointment.
  • Who should attend the counseling appointment?
    • ALL owners of the property who are going to be on the mortgage must be counseled.
    • Spouses who will not be on the reverse mortgage loan are encouraged to receive counseling so they understand the loan (and often the lender will require the spouse to receive counseling.)
    • We encourage homeowners to bring a trusted friend, family member, or advisor to the appointment, although it is not required. Your reverse mortgage lender is not permitted to attend the counseling session.

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Healthy Homeownership Appointments

Being a homeowner requires ongoing maintenance, care, and attentiveness to your home and finances. Looking into home repairs and/or rehab? Unsure of your refinancing terms? We can assist you.

The appointment should last about 1 hour.
Please bring in the completed Appointment Packet.

  • During the appointment, your counselor will review:
    • Budget.  We will go over your budget to ensure you are a financially healthy homeowner.
    • Home improvements/repairs/weatherization.  If you are thinking about additional upgrades or repairs on your home, we will go over affordable options for rehabilitation loans that may be available to you. We can also talk to you about Boulder County’s free weatherization programs.
    • Loan document review.  If you are hesitant about “signing on the dotted line” of your new loan terms, our Housing Counselors can help give a second set of eyes to review your loan documents and ensure you are getting into a solid loan that you can maintain over time.
  • After your appointment, you will leave with a Healthy Homeowner's Action Plan indicating your next steps on your path to maintaining healthy homeownership.

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Check out Keys to Successful Homeownership classes this year.

 Financial Foundations

Financial Foundations Building Home owners

This new program is the only one of its kind in the state of Colorado offering free financial education, coaching, guidance and incentives to anyone interested in owning a home. Not only is this program free, you can receive up to $500.00 for participating!

How does it work?

The program begins with a one-on-one appointment with a Housing Counselor who will review your budget, savings, and credit report, discuss the costs of homeownership, and develop your specific Action Plan toward homeownership.  

Following the appointment, you will move though a series of four “Tracks". Each Track begins with a class where you will learn various financial management skills.  Following the class, you will have homework assignments which you will discuss in a workgroup at a later time.  These four tracks are:

  1. Budgeting
  2. Credit
  3. Debt Reduction
  4. Banking & Savings
  5. Homeownership Course

You may move through the Program in as quickly as 3-4 months, or take over a year to complete, depending on your individual life circumstance.

Am I eligible?

  • owning a home at some point in your life must be a goal of yours.
  • you must earn 80% AMI (area median income) or less OR must have a net worth of less than $120,600.
  • you must reside within Boulder, Broomfield or Weld County.
  • you must have stable income.
  • you must not currently own a home.

The Housing Counseling team will help determine if you qualify.  

How can I earn financial incentives?

Participants have the potential to earn up to $500.00 in incentives for participating.  At the conclusion of Tracks 1 – 3 (Budget, Credit, and Debt Reduction), you can earn a $50.00 gift card to a home-related store (i.e. Lowes, Home Depot, Target) if you complete assigned homework assignments and participate in group discussions. 

Following the fourth track, Banking & Savings, you can earn $250.00 if you meet your savings goals from your initial appointment to the close of the Banking & Savings Track.  This money will be deposited directly into your personal savings account. If you choose to take the Homeownership class you will earn an additional $100.00 deposited directly into your savings account.

How do I get started?

Set up an appointment today by using our online appointment request, or call 720-564-2279 to leave a message which will be returned within 24 hours. In preparation for your appointment please fill out the following packet.

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