Personal Finances

Personal Finances

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Through hands-on activity and peer-to-peer learning in our money management workshops, you will acquire a sense of control and a belief that you can have a healthy financial life, both now and in the future.

Financial Stability Workshops

Even during challenging financial times, we can still take steps to move toward a brighter financial future. The Financial Stability experience provides you with tools, skills and pathways to move closer to the life you want and deserve. In these workshops, you’ll engage with people in similar situations and with instructors who make learning fun and interesting (and give out candy along the way).

The Financial Stability series consists of four (4) two-hour workshops:
  • Goal Setting for Financial Stability
  • Budgeting on a Small Income
  • Organizing for Financial Management
  • Communicating for Financial Health


Financial Foundations Workshops series consists of eight (8) two-hour workshops:

With so many choices in life, it can be really difficult to make the most out of the money you earn. The Financial Foundations experience will help you gain meaningful direction for your dollars.

Through these workshops, you will acquire skills and tools to build assets and savings, save for homeownership, and make smart investments. An engaging and knowledgeable community education team will lead interactive workshops on topics such as: saving and investing; demystifying credit; developing spending plans; and weaving financial “inside information” with easy tools to achieve your financial goals. Over the course of eight (8) fun, lively two-hour workshops with like-minded peers, you will emerge with a financial plan you can work with to move you towards the future you want.


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 Homeownership Training Course

Homeownership Training Course (CHFA Approved)

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Homeownership Training

We promise you’ll be glad you spent a Saturday with us expanding your knowledge and comfort in the home buying process. You can interact with home buying experts and other potential homeowners to:

  • Determine how much home you can afford
  • Gain perspective on the upfront and ongoing costs of being a homeowner
  • Identify how your credit impacts your buying power
  • Become confident in figuring out mortgage loan documents
  • Increase your skill and knowledge for working with a realtor
  • Boost your understanding of home inspections



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 Career Development

Career Development

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Career Development Workshops

Career Development Workshops consists of 7 separate workshops series. They are designed to work together to help you emerge more confident, empowered, able, and equipped to thrive in a job search, internship, and employment that supports your individual life goals and vision.

Career Development Series Topics Include:

Intro to Workshops: Visioning a New Reality

Explore decision making decisions based on your personal core values. Set career goals for personal success. Evaluate and enhance your current support systems to get where you want to go.

Career Exploration

Understand how your personality, individual skills and personal interests can inform your career options.

Preparation for the Workplace

Develop and hone skills employers are seeking. Prepare for the ever-changing job market and decrease stress around a job search. Cultivate and maintain professional references.

Resume Development

Discover the real purpose of a resume and learn how to tailor your resume to get an interview for a specific job. Understand how to write engaging cover letters that will get you noticed

Interview Preparation

Review how to effectively prepare for interviews. Learn to speak to your best skills and illustrate them with examples. Practice interviewing with a positive coach.

Navigating the Workplace

Unlock unwritten rules of the workplace and improve your professional communication. Learn how to adjust to the new stresses of a job and become a valued employee.

Job Search

Explore the best online options to search for work. Learn what an informational interview is and discover how it can build your professional network.

All workshop series are designed to work together as a whole program, so our team recommends taking all series for incredible life change. However, you may take any as an individual series if you

  • Need to work around a part-time work schedule
  • Desire more time to process and apply the information
  • Or simply want to fine tune and hone specific job skills

Career Development Appointments

Career Development Appointments can be scheduled as one-on-one support in conjunction with Career Workshops for additional support or on their own as a means of supporting the job search.

Career Development Appointments are available to support you in:

  • Career Exploration – Exploring new career fields and finding the right fit for your unique abilities and situation
  • Resume Development – Beginning the resume building process or fine tuning your resume to a new job or career field.
  • Interview Practice – Review employer expectations for interviews and practice answering questions with a positive coach.
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 ‭(Hidden)‬ FAQs


I am struggling to make my mortgage payments and worry I am about to go into foreclosure. What should I do?

  • First, call a Housing Counselor to set up an appointment to review your situation and options. A Housing Counselor can help you understand the process and the existing options and programs that could help you avoid foreclosure.
  • Second, call your lender if you haven’t already, to discuss the hardship you are facing and solutions they may be able to offer. If you have already been working with your lender and are confused or frustrated by the process, be sure to bring all the documents and correspondence from your lender to your appointment with the Housing Counselor.

I got a notice on my door that says something about a deferment and that I should call a Housing Counselor. What is this about?

  • House Bill 09-1276 makes several changes in Colorado foreclosure law that may allow homeowners who are in foreclosure an additional 90 days to negotiate a reasonable workout with the mortgage company.
  • Eligible borrowers will receive a Notice of Opportunity for Foreclosure Deferment posting at a highly visible location on their property. This notice gives the homeowner instructions to contact a Housing Counselor within 20 days of the posting.
  • Not all borrowers who receive the Notice of Opportunity for Deferment will be eligible and/or qualified for the deferment.
  • If the borrower is qualified, the borrower must make monthly payments to the mortgage company of 66 2/3% of the monthly payment (Principal and Interest) plus the amount for taxes and insurance and mortgage insurance. These payments MUST BE made in a timely fashion.
  • The first payment is due by the 5th day following the housing counselor’s certificate of qualification for deferment. Payments are due every 30 days thereafter.
  • A deferment will be terminated early if any of the following occurs:
    • The payments are not made on time or in the correct amounts
    • A homeowner transfers ownership of the property
    • A homeowner adds additional charges/liens on the property
    • Another lien on the same property forecloses
    • The homeowner files bankruptcy during the deferment
  • This 90 day foreclosure deferment does not guarantee that a lender will extend a workout option to the borrower to take away the foreclosure. The homeowner must negotiate this separately with the mortgage company.

I think I’m ready to buy my first home. Where do I start?

  • The best place to start the home-buying process is with our Homeownership Training class. This class teaches you everything you need to know from how to review your budget and check your credit score to how to calculate the amount you may be eligible to borrow, how shop for a mortgage, how to choose and work with realtor, how to access the down-payment assistance and affordable home programs in the County and what to look for in an home inspection. This class is offered monthly and you can register at
  • This class can be followed by a one-on-one appointment to review your particular situation and/or review your closing documents to make sure you understand the terms and your responsibilities before you sign.


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