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OASOS staff offers free on-site training opportunities and presentations for anyone interested in becoming more competent and informed about LGBTIQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning) people and issues. Trainings can be customized for specific audiences and circumstances.

We Offer

  • Needs assessment prior to training sessions
  • Experienced facilitation
  • Materials, tools, referrals, and resources
  • Evaluations and recommendations for next steps
  • On-going technical assistance as needed following the training

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(1-4 hours)
For teachers, administrators, counselors, and school district staff
Development, implementation and maintenance of welcoming and appropriate programs, policies and services for LGBTIQ youth. Boulder Valley and St. Vrain Valley School district teachers, administrators, counselors, and staff members who want to learn more about LGBTIQ youth are encouraged to take part in this training which includes:

  • Overview of LGBTIQ terminology, risk factors, identity vs. behavior and relevant issues
  • LGBTIQ identity development
  • Cultural competence, how to handle harassment, and knowing your school's plan
  • “Safe staff” Certification from Boulder County Public Health


(1 hour)
For school administrators, principals, and safety officers

  • An overview of current school district and individual school policies
  • How to talk about LGBTIQ student safety with staff, community, and parents
  • How to support LGBTIQ staff and students as well as students with LGBTIQ parents.

LGBTIQ Discrimination and Bullying

(1.5 hours)
For school administrators, counselors, and school district staff

  • An overview of bullying and harassment and their effects on LGBTIQ students
  • A summary of the current anti-harassment research and recommendations for school programs

Health Risks in the LGBTIQ Community

(2 hours)
For medical and/or mental health service providers
Presentation of recent study findings related to health risks in the LGBTIQ community and a look at best practices and proactive steps providers can take to make their practices LGBTIQ-inclusive and competent.

Transgender 101

For medical and/or mental health providers, schools and other community members

  • Overview of transgender issues, including up-to-date medical and mental health research
  • Best practices and standards of care wen working with transgender people

Note: this is not a class for those interested in providing surgery or hormone treatment options. Rather, this class will help any general practice or school become more aware of and inclusive of transgender clients, parents, and students.

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