Colorado Indigent Care Program

The Colorado Indigent Care Program (CICP) provides discounted health care services to low income people and families. CICP is not a health insurance program. Discounted health care services are provided throughout Colorado by hospitals and clinics that participate in the CICP. Learn more about CICP here.


To be eligible, you must meet the following requirements:
  • Colorado resident or migrant farm worker
  • US citizen or legal immigrant
  • Meet income and resource guidelines
  • Uninsured or underinsured
  • Ineligible for benefits under the Health First Colorado Program or the Children's Basic Health Plan , although you may qualify for CICP if you already have Medicare.

      How do I apply for benefits?

      You must visit a hospital or clinic that participates in the CICP to complete the application process. The applicant or responsible party must sign the application within 90 days of the date of service. You must provide personal identification, household income and resource information for you and your family to complete the CICP application.

      Which Boulder County hospitals and clinics participate in CICP?

      Boulder Community Foothills Hospital

      4747 Arapahoe Ave
      Boulder, CO 80303
      (303) 544-5773

      Boulder Community Hospital

      1100 Balsam
      Boulder, CO 80304
      (303) 544-5773

      Clinica Family Health Services

      2000 W South Boulder Rd
      Lafayette, CO 80026
      (303) 650-4460

      Clinica People's Clinic

      2525 13th Street, Suite 101
      Boulder, CO 80302

      Longmont Salud

      220 E Rogers Rd
      Longmont, CO 80501
      (303) 776-3250

      Longmont United Hospital

      1950 Mountain View Ave

      Longmont, CO 80501

      (303) 678-4937

      What type of medical services will someone eligible for the CICP receive?

      Since the CICP is not insurance, covered medical services are different at each participating hospital or clinic. CICP discounted health care services are restricted to CICP participating hospitals or clinics. The responsible health care provider decides what services are medically necessary. All participating hospital providers must provide emergency care. Many CICP providers also provide urgent care and other medical services such as inpatient hospital care, primary care, and some prescription drugs, depending on available funding.

      What does the CICP cost?

      CICP eligible clients will be given a “CICP Rate” based on their total income and resources. The results of the rating process will determine the client’s copayments for a one year period for available services. CICP ratings may cover services that were received at a CICP provider up to 90-days before the application.

      What medical services does CICP cover?

      • Emergency care is covered at all participating hospitals.
      • Since CICP is not health insurance, medical services covered under CICP are different at each participating hospital or clinic. Some providers may cover urgent care, inpatient hospital care, primary care, and prescription drugs under CICP.
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