Fraud Information & Reporting

After a disaster, there are groups of people who are known for following disasters around the country and perpetrating scams. Below is information about how to report fraud and how to avoid becoming a victim.

How to Report a Scam or Fraud

  • If you suspect fraud or someone working a scam in your neighborhood or If you have experienced fraudulent activities, try to remember as much information as you can about the person involved:
    • Name given
    • Name of any group or company given
    • Type/make/model and license plate information
    • Details of what was promised and what was delivered
  • Give all known information to the authorities:
    • Boulder County District Attorney's Office, Community Protection Division, 303-441-3700 or 
    • Longmont Police Department, 303-651-8501 

Tips to Avoid a Scam

  • Don't offer personal financial information over the phone
  • Remember, a FEMA representative or FEMA Inspector will never ask you for money or to sign a contract for home repairs
  • FEMA representatives will always have identification on them
  • If you haven’t applied for assistance or called your insurance company, be suspicious of anyone approaching you with offers of assistance
  • Use local area contractors or businesses with a known reputation, be leery of door to door solicitors
  • If you're concerned, ask them to come back at a scheduled time and ask a neighbor to stay with you during the meeting
  • Ask if you can take their picture 
  • Write down a license plate with get a good description of the vehicle of suspicious persons
  • Be suspicious of anyone who offers to increase the amount of your disaster damage assessment
  • Be skeptical of offers to help you fill out loan or grant forms and applications for a fee 
    • If you need help filling out your Small Business Administration (SBA) loan package, call the SBA toll-free number at 1-800-659-2955

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