Mental Health

Mental Health Drop-in Centers

Drop-In Help Centers provide immediate mental health crisis services for residents coping with anxiety, sadness, depression, fear, sleeplessness, anger and other emotional distress.
  • These services are available for children, teens, adults and seniors.
  • No appointments are necessary.
  • There is no charge for up to three drop-in visits.


  • Where: Ferg's Inn, 329 Main St. - Serving Lyons and the surrounding mountain communities
  • Hours: Monday-Friday: Noon – 7 p.m.
Mental Health Partners is an independent nonprofit organization (not a government agency) that provides a comprehensive range of mental health services for residents of Boulder and Broomfield counties. We are here to help residents of Boulder County impacted by the flooding and seeking support for mental and emotional distress.

Information phone line for MHP Drop-In Help Centers: 720-415-9740. For a mental health emergency 24/7 call 303-447-1665.

Mental Health Vouchers for Mountain Residents

The Foothills Flood Relief Fund at Foothills United Way is providing mental health vouchers for individuals directly affected by the 2013 Flood. These vouchers can be used by anyone living in the mountain communities of Boulder County who lost a home or was directly affected by the flood. Foothills United Way’s intention is to help those with financial limitations receive the mental health services/emotional support they need. The details of the program are as follows:

  • Mountain residents in Boulder County are able to work with the mental health practitioner of their choice, provided their practitioner is willing to contract directly with Foothills United Way with a form we provide.

  • Residents need to provide valid identification to verify they lived in one of the flood areas during September 2013.

  • Mental health services* must be provided by an established mental health practitioner. Practitioners must be formally licensed, or listed with the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies as a registered practitioner and have an established practice.

  • The mental health practitioner will contract directly with Foothills United Way and present us with an invoice for services rendered. It is possible that a resident may choose more than one practitioner. The total amount allowed through the voucher is not to exceed $500 per individual or $1500 per household with children. The individual can choose to pay for services independently thereafter. Each individual session cannot exceed $200.

  • Patient and Practitioner information is completely confidential.

  • Contracts and invoices should be mailed to Foothills United Way, Attn: Amy Hardy, 1285 Cimarron Drive, Suite 101, Lafayette, CO 80026.

*Mental health services include trauma therapy modalities, one on one and family counseling.  Due to the restraints of available funding, vouchers do not extend to massage therapists or chiropractors.

If you would like to receive a voucher, please contact Amy Hardy, Mountain Resource Coordinator at or 303-895-3418 with your name and address (at the time of the flood), and the contact information of the practitioner(s) you would like to use. These vouchers are non-transferable and only valid while funds are available.

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