Resilience Initiative


The mission of the Long-Term Community Resilience Initiative is to coordinate a process of individual, business, neighborhood, community and countywide resilience that integrates action across Boulder County in ways which increase the effectiveness of our existing collective capacity of all sectors, respects the unique character of each town and city and leverages additional resources, participation and leadership. The initiative is now officially BoCo Strong and more information can be found at
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Following the 2013 Flood, a wide variety of Boulder County residents and organizations have come together to form the Long-Term Flood Recovery Group of Boulder County (LTFRG). In addition to identifying and addressing individual unmet needs, the LTFRG has learned from other communities hard hit by disaster the importance of engaging all parts of the community about how to rebuild stronger and better, including all hazard mitigation, cultural landmarks, economic development, nonprofits, parks and other public infrastructure. Thus, BoCo Strong was born from the LTFRG.

BoCo Strong believes a critical piece of building resilience is convening conversations about our strengths, gaps and opportunities. The group wants to help build connections among individuals, neighborhoods, communities and sectors that will foster natural and opportunistic partnerships and strategies for resilience. BoCo Strong regards community resilience as the capability to anticipate risk, limit impact, and bounce back rapidly form shocks and stresses (e.g., natural disasters, economic shifts, demographic changes, etc.) through survival, adaptability, evolution and growth.


  • Kick-off meeting with community leaders on March 13, 2014, Xilinx Retreat Center
  • Form Project Teams at meeting on April 17, 2014
  • Conduct/facilitate Resiliency Assessment/Conversations from May-September 2014
  • Apply for State of Colorado Resiliency Visioning & Strategic Planning grant (CDBG-DR) from May-July 2014 (State/HUD have yet to release Action Plan and grant application)
  • Weeklong potential activities marking flood anniversary Sept. 12-19, 2014 including:
    • Resilience Summit (present resiliency assessment/conversations findings)
    • Make a Difference Day (volunteer projects) hosted by Foothills United Way
    • Tie into National Preparedness Month
    • Panel of scientific experts to report on flooding
    • Volunteer Recognition
    • Other activities
  • Develop Implementation Plans for Recommendations from September 2014-March 2015
  • Apply for funding to implement projects continuously
  • Resilience Summit II to be planned for September 2015